Some computer tips

I often use a few tweaks to speed up my Windows computer and I would like to share it with you.

      1.Using ram.vbe file
       It is used to clear any extra memory that a program may be using more than its alloted quota.Here's step        by step guide for you to use it.
  • GO to your desktop,right click and create a empty text file.
  • Open the newly created file and copy the following text(without apostrophe).
  • 'mystring=(80000000)'
  • Then click File on the top left hand corner and Save as.
  • Save the file as ram.vbe or ram.vbs (you can choose either one).
  • Now the file appears as a document on your desktop with a scroll kinda icon.
  • Voila!! You're done..:D. Now whenever you feel your computer is running slow, just double click the ram file and you are good to go. :)
      2.Removing temporary files
  • Click on Start -> Run or simply press Ctrl+R (Windows 8).
  • Copy "%temp%" in the text box. Do not copy the inverted commas.
  • Click enter. Whatever files or folders that you see now are the temporary files stored by your computer.They are mostly not needed by the system(If they are needed, the PC recreates them ;) )  Removing them frees both space and memory. So just permanently delete them (Shift + Del).
  • You should do this cleaning once in a week as junk sufficiently gets accumulated by this time.
       3.Clearing DNS cache
  • Open the command prompt.(Run -> cmd enter).
  • Type in "ipconfig/flushdns". Do not type the inverted commas.Press enter.
  • You've just cleared your browser's DNS cache.Enjoy faster browsing.
  • You can alternatively do so by going in the settings menu of your browser and clearing the cache.
      4.Freeing up disk space
        Its often shocking how junk data can slow down your computer. Often free space is used by computer         as additional memory so it is always good to clean up junk data from your system
  • Click on windows key on your keyboard and type "free up disk space".
  • Click on the first program that appears.Select the Drive you want to clean. 
  • Then various checkboxes appear that provide you with options as to what you wish to delete. Select according to your needs( Preferably all ) and click Ok.
  • Now sit back while your computer does the job. :)
       5.Windows update
        It is very important to keep up with the updates that are rolled out by Microsoft for various versions of           Windows.These updates are bug fixes,security upgrades or simply a program that is meant for wellness         of your computer.
  • Go to Control panel ->System and Security->Windows Update.
  • Now It is highly recommended you set your computer to receive and install updates automatically.If not already done so and want your computer to be up to date,change the settings.Change Settings->Install updates Automatically.
  • Now click on Check for Updates and let the computer download and install the updates for you. :)
  • In case you run into any error while checking for updates, you can try stopping and then starting the windows update service by.

net stop wuauserv
and then starting it by
net start wuauserv
(On the command line)

  • You can install a few good softwares to speed up your system (also removing some which you dont need will help a lot). CCleaner is a highly recommended one and cleans all the temporary and registry files which you would never know existed.
  • Also Install a good Antivirus on your system(I prefer Avast.You can get avast here) and keep it updated for latest virus definitions.

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