Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Commands from Terminal

These are some basic operations that can be done through command line.

Create a new Folder:
mkdir <Folder_name>

Creating a new File:
echo  > filename.txt
touch filename.txt

Copying a File:
cp <Source_Path> <Destination_Path>

Copying a Folder:
cp -r <Source_Path> <Destination_Path>

Move a File to a Folder in current working directory:
mv <FileName> <FolderName>

Renaming a File:
mv <Old_fileName> <New_FileName>

Renaming a Folder
mv <Old_FolderName> <New_FolderName>

List all installed packages
dpkg --get-selections

See native architecture
dpkg --print-architecture

Add architecture on 64 bit machine
dpkg --add-architecture <arch_id>

     where <arch_id>= i386(for 32 bit), amd64(for 64 bit)

See Last few lines of a file in real time
tail -f <Path_To_File>

See the path of a file if you just know the name
locate FILE

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