Saturday, 25 May 2013

Activity involvement

All my school life I never really got involved in any activities that used to take place at my school.I used to study unconsciously as to why I am studying what I am studying and anyway used to study and never got involved in any activity.I realized this is after coming to college and start taking part in more activities.So here is all the stuff that I have done except

  1. School
  • Played TT often and sometimes Badminton and Lawn Tennis. Wasn't good enough to compete in any game at any level.
     2. College
  • I am involved with Sustainable-IITD. An environment group of IIT-Delhi.
  • An active member of AINA group.An Initiative for National Advancement.
  • Other than this you can find me here and there taking part in random activities.I have become a enthusiast now. :D

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